that one time we got lost on a mountain

I don’t know how we managed to miss the one huge path cut out on the mountain, but we somehow ended up at a dead end with a drop off and ducking under branches and climbing over fallen trees. this is what happens when Staycation takes on Hanging Rock. It’s possible we were just enjoying each other’s company so much that we failed to see the path. Or it’s because Connor and I tried to take the lead and our Boy Scout Carr was in the back. Maybe a combination of both. Either way, I’m glad we at least had half a bag of gummy bears and some sun chips with us in case we did get stranded. Today flew by for me, the whole week has really, but one second we were in the Starbucks study room watching a video on the human genome project and the next we were cruising down winding country roads listening to 90s music. I’m going to keep this post very short and sinmple, because frankly, working in gardens and climbing mountains and playing with children is exhausting. If there was one thing I would want people to know about WAB trips, it’s that they’re a perfect chance for you to be inspired by people. I remember there was a moment during play time at El Buen the other day when I looked around and saw every single one of our group members totally engaged with the kids, and it was one of the most precious and genuine things I’ve ever seen. Connor was chasing kids in a game of tag. A little kid was climbing on Richard’s back. Hannah was pushing a kid on the swings. and the list goes on. Everyone was smiling. The El Buen kids. Our group. Everyone. It was awesome. It’s so easy to be negative about something like education issues, and to feel like you’re not making a difference, but then you’re around people who put the hope back in your day and show you that there is always a source of inspiration, even if it’s just in witnessing interactions of human to human. Wake kid to El Buen kid. Smile to smile. It’s moments like those in which my faith in humanity is restored, and I’m reminded that there are good people in the world who are working to make it a better place, and doing so with a smile, despite the sometimes discouraging statistics or facts like how funds for prisons in an area are gauged off of 2nd grade test scores. Anyway, I said I’d keep this short and I’m sticking with that, but basically this is an awesome group of people, and I am so lucky to have been able to share a week of service with them. staycation. stay awesome.  


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